Frequently Asked Questions

What is GOeGO

GOeGO is a shared driving service that allows you to easily find and rent a car using your mobile phone. Locating and unlocking cars is done entirely through a mobile app. As an additional service, through the mobile application, you can order a car to be delivered to your address up to an hour before your departure. GOeGO enables users to have a car whenever and wherever they need it, without the commitment of owning and maintaining one. Whether you will use it for just a few minutes, for a day, or for a longer period of time - you decide only.

What should I know about GOeGO cars?

The GOeGO fleet is composed of different types of electric vehicles, for all the needs of users. Before renting a specific car, you always have the opportunity to get acquainted with the battery charge level and its possible mileage directly in the mobile application. Mileage depends on battery level, weather conditions and driving style. All GOeGO cars have automatic transmission. In the glove box of every car you will find the necessary documents - insurance policy, two-sided traffic accident report, key and instructions for use. Keep in mind that all cars have specific characteristics - some of them are completely silent and are much more dynamic than internal combustion cars. Please match your driving with them!

What is the possible range of the cars?

All cars have different mileage, which depends on the model and your driving style. All information about the mileage of the rented car can be seen in the application or on


What is the GOeGO car rental price?

The prices for renting a car are listed in the electric cars section, you can rent a car for a time session convenient for you, charging per session starts from one hour and charges per hour, you can also buy different types of subscriptions. The sistem dosent calaculate autoaticly you shoupd by subscription for longer ride.Thank you for choosing us! With best wishes,

Do I have to return the GOeGO vehicle to the same place I picked it up from?

You don't have to return the vehicle to the same place you picked it up. After ending the session, park the electric car in a convenient place for you in the rental and release zones, which are visible on the map in the application. They are colored blue or green. You have the option to leave the car at any other permitted parking place within the city. Unmarked areas have an additional release fee - if you end your rental session in an unmarked area, you will pay an additional fee. It is forbidden to leave electric vehicles in private or commercial parking lots that are not specifically designated as partners. You have no right to violate the Road Traffic Act and municipal parking regulations. Please note that you will be charged extra if you break these rules.

How do I find a GOeGO electric car?

You can find available GOeGO EVs on the interactive maps in the mobile app. You have the option to select and book a specific GOeGO. As an additional service, in the application, you can also request a car to be delivered to the address and time selected by you!

How long does a GOeGO reservation last? Can I terminate or extend it?

Booking a car from GOeGO is valid for up to 15 minutes and is completely free. During this time, you can cancel it or extend it once from 13 to 30 minutes for an additional fee. If you wish to cancel your reservation after you have already extended it once, you will not be charged an additional fee.

Is someone else allowed to drive a GOeGO car using someone else's registered account?

No, it is prohibited to transfer the driving rights of a GOeGO car to another person during the session period of the registered user. A penalty will be imposed for any such violation.

What should I do if I find a defective GOeGO car?

If you notice mechanical damage to the vehicle or its devices, please call the indicated contact phone number.

What documents and inventory will I find in the GOeGO vehicle?

In the glove box of every GOeGO car, you will find an ignition key, registration documents and an insurance policy. In accordance with the attached requirements, please check whether the above-mentioned documents are available. In case you notice any discrepancies, please call the contact number listed before using the vehicle.

Do I need a vignette to drive on the intercity road network?

All GOeGO cars have paid vignettes for hassle-free travel even outside the city.

What should I do if I find (or forget) an item in a GOeGO car?

Please notify us by calling the number provided as soon as possible.

Am I allowed to transport children in a GOeGO vehicle?

Yes, it is allowed to carry children in child seats as per the Road Traffic Act. All GOeGO cars are equipped with a booster seat for children between 15 and 35 kg, which you will find in the trunk of the car.

It is allowed to transport pets in a GOeGO vehicle?

You are allowed to transport pets in GOeGO cars only if they are placed in special containers for transporting pets.. Otherwise, you will be penalized. Thank you for the understanding.

Is smoking allowed in a GOeGO car?

Smoking in the car is strictly prohibited, including the use of electronic tobacco heating devices - any violation will result in a fine and your account will be deactivated. Thank you for your understanding.

Should I wash the electric car?

No. The GOeGO team is responsible for washing and maintaining the electric vehicles. If you come across a car that needs cleaning - please call the indicated phone number. Your signal will bring you a bonus - additional free minutes for your next session.

Why can't I end the rental session?

This can happen if:
1) you have not parked the vehicle within the city of Sofia.
2) you are unable to terminate the session due to a technical problem.
Call the number provided for assistance.
Thank you.

What should I do if the GOeGO electric car's battery is almost dead?

If the remaining mileage is more than 15 km and you do not need to use the car any more, you can release it anywhere in the GOeGO zones. If you leave a car with a mileage of less than 10 km, and it has to be taken away with a repartrak, the user pays the amount for removal. If you still need the car, find the nearest charging station or call the contact number provided. Depending on the type of charging station, the charging time can vary from 20 minutes to several hours. Please plan your trip accordingly. Thank you for understanding.

How GOeGO EVs are unlocked and locked?

You can unlock your reserved GOeGO electric car by pressing the "Unlock" button through the mobile application. In case of a temporary stop, the car is locked using the key you will find inside. To end the rental session, leave the key and documents in the glove box, take your personal belongings, exit the vehicle and press the "Lock" button in the application.

How is the price for using GOeGO electric cars calculated?

The price for renting an electric car from GOeGO is formed by the time for which you rented the car and the kilometers traveled. Prices vary depending on the model of electric car you choose to drive. The rental price includes the insurance, the vignette, as well as the charging of the electric car, if you need one.