Business Offers

GOeGO electric cars are the perfect addition to your business fleet. You have a car at your disposal at any time, but without incurring costs or commitments for its maintenance. You save on lease payments, insurance, maintenance, taxes, fuel and parking fees.
Where can I find or leave an EV on GOeGO
You can easily find where GOeGO electric cars are parked through our app, but you can also order one to a specific location. Our employee will deliver your chosen electric car at the time specified by you.
You can park in any permitted and convenient place in Sofia in the specified areas, which you will find in the application.
How and when my company pays for GOeGO services?
Payment for GOeGO services is made by bank transfer, after the end of the calendar month and after receiving a financial document (invoice) electronically.
Discounts for corporate customers
Every corporate customer enjoys maximum price discounts, upon reaching pre-agreed monthly levels of consumption.